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We listen, communicate and work to promote your Crypto & NFTs across the best digital platforms and mediums capable of 10X your offering.
We also build and manage your community for you.

About Dolphin Agency

Dolphin Agency is a company of committed professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We’ve come together to help ambitious projects in the Blockchain and Web3 ecosystem grow and deliver value – whilst leveraging digital platforms to meet their set goals.

NFTs and DeFi Services we are committed to offering.

Shilling, Hyping and Promotion

Lets promote your NFTs and Cryptos through our data driven approach.

Digital Strategy

Let’s craft that strategy that ensures your whitepaper and roadmap meets set goals .

PR and Copywriting

Get your PR well written and published across reputable digital platforms capable of promoting credibility and driving sales.

Thought Leader and Influencer Marketing

Leverage our network of thought leaders and influencers to create market awareness and rapid adoption.

Social Media Management

Lets help you manage your social media account while you focus on the technicalities of a successful project.

Continental and Intercontinental campaign

Lets deliver international exposure across borders where regulation and legal concerns pose no threat.

Community Creation and Management

Community is at the heart of every successful campaign in the Blockchain ecosystem and we are committed to create and manage a great community for your project.


We are here to listen and help you with accurate decision making deeply rooted in wealth of experience and adequate knowledge.


We are committed to working with you towards delivering great NFT Art, design concept and Creation.

Ads, Automation and Sales

We will deliver excellent and insightful competitive analysis capable of giving your project an edge. Our market automation and sales funnel building for your NFT & Token project will ensure you meet set goals.

Pre-sale Strategies

Your Token and NFT success is heavily rooted in the genuinity of your pre-sale strategy, and we are committed to helping you craft a robust ICO, IDO, ITO, IEO, STO, IGO, Private mint, Whitelist and other Pre-sale strategies.

What Else ?

Is there anything else you would want us to do for you?

We are made up of diverse cultures but united by a common goal

Customer satisfaction 93%
Professionalism 95%
Creativity 92%
Teamwork 96%
Fun 99%

A Growing list of brands our team members have worked with.

Why should you make a decision to hire the services of Dolphin Agency ?


We have put together a brief list of frequently asked questions and our answers to such questions.

We have enough hands capable of delivering needed results and we are also able to recruit more hands from our community of professionals if the need arises

Yes we are able to work with a well defined budget capable of delivering equivalent results.

Yes we have service packages that contain our various service offerings lumped together as one offering.

Yes we offer digital audit and social selling alongside other available custom service offerings.

We can leverage our global network of team members to translate, write-up and provide contents for your brand in the below languages and markets:

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • We are opening up to other languages

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