DeFi Marketing and Community Building

Are you in search of a comprehensive team capable of promoting your DeFi project and driving interest of early investors in your project Token/Coin ?
Look no further than this page which is carefully designed to engage you and help with your decision making process.

Marketing in DeFi is different.

You need to have a sound project offering, well coordinated community, digital strategy, adequate marketing budget and ruthless execution.

Your DeFi Success Checklist.

Things needed for you to havea successful DeFi project.

  • A sound project offering
  • A well planned roadmap
  • Easily accessible whitepaper
  • An experienced and great team of individuals
  • A robust closed community
  • A well pronounced social media and digital presence
    Sufficient marketing budget
  • Well crafted digital strategy

Why use Us for your DeFi marketing?

We know what works, and we have a large community of professionals on the African continent and across the globe capable of localizing delivery in a bid for us to achieve all round success.
We will save you the time, resources and stress of doing too many things by yourself and we will never compromise on results.

Our service offering?

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Thought Leader Marketing
  • Public Relations and Copywriting
  • Community Creation and Management
  • Promotion and Shilling
  • Social Selling
  • Social Media Management
  • Competitor Analysis
    Content Tracking and Audit
  • Digital Strategy Formulation
  • Consulting

DeFi F.A.Q

This is a brief list of frequently asked questions and our answers to such questions.

Our marketing campaigns can last anything between 1 week – 4 months depending on the budget and goals of our client. There are however other flexible options to every campaign.

We are only able to sell out in 6 days if we have a full understanding of your project and if you are ready to put up with the required marketing budget needed to fulfill such.

Yes we are able to work with a well defined budget capable of delivering equivalent results.

Yes we can manage your social media profiles in a bid to achieve the desired result.

Yes we can manage your project community across Discord and Telegram.

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