Revenue Operations: The Tale of Two Tech CEOs

In the heart of Africa’s Tech startup ecosystem, two Tech CEOs embarked on separate journeys to build their startups. Femi, an ambitious visionary, was focused on innovation, while Chinenye, equally ambitious, recognized the importance of building with revenue operations in mind.

Building Without Revenue Thinking

Femi, with his customer base as vast as the digital landscape, started his tech venture, Kosi Wahala Innovations. His vision was groundbreaking, his product revolutionary, but his focus was solely on building and attracting investors. He believed that a stellar product would be enough to secure funding.

As his company reached the point of seeking investment, Mark faced a harsh reality. Investors hesitated, concerned about the lack of a tested and proven revenue generation pathway. There is no doubt that the digital realm is teeming with innovation and endless possibilities, but investors are becoming increasingly risk-averse.

Building With Revenue Thinking

On the other side of the ecosystem in the underserved market, Chinenye founded NexGenTech with a different approach. She understood that attracting investors was not just about showcasing a groundbreaking product; it was about building a sustainable business. Chinenye invested in a top-notch revenue operations team led by a strategist named Tanya.

As NexGenTech matured, the revenue operations team meticulously crafted a pathway to sustainable Growth. Marketing, Sales, and Customer success worked in harmony. The focus was not just on product development but on creating a well-rounded business model that could attract and retain customers.

The Angels and VCs Shifted

It’s the year 2024, and the startup landscape shifted, and investors, burned by high-profile failures, have begun prioritizing proven revenue models, and sustainable leadership structures. Femi found himself at a crossroads, while Chinenye’s strategic investment in revenue operations became her ace in the game.

Chinenye’s efforts paid off. NexGenTech had a clear revenue roadmap, a solid customer base, and a compelling story of growth. Investors, hungry for returns, saw NexGenTech as a promising opportunity.

The End

Femi, now aware of the critical role revenue operations played, raced to implement changes in Kosi Wahala Innovations. However, trouble started because the uphill battle for investor confidence proved challenging.

Meanwhile, NexGenTech secured funding, and Chinenye’s vision flourished. The symphony created by her revenue operations team resonated with investors, positioning NexGenTech as a beacon of stability and potential returns.

The tale of the two Tech CEOs echoed across the startup ecosystem, emphasizing the evolving landscape where a harmonious blend of innovation and revenue operations became the key to unlocking the doors of investment.

Revenue operations is not a spare wheel you pull in times of trouble, but a sterring wheel that guides you through your journey…

Kolawole Tosin
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